Dental Implants

Implants are artificial roots (usually titanium) that are surgically placed into the jaw to replace one or more missing teeth.

This surgical procedure is performed by a local oral surgeon who works closely with Dr. G. After a period of healing takes place, you will see Dr. G for completion of your implant treatment.

Depending on your needs, crowns, bridges, and dentures can be made specifically to fit and attach to the implants, giving a strong, stable, and durable solution for missing teeth.

More Information about Implants

Who does not desire a set of perfect, shinning teeth to flaunt their smile? Now this perfect smile is within the reach of every man and woman. Look out for dental implants which are a form of dental surgery. A brief explanation on dental implants is laid out below.

Why dental implants?

Many people face difficulty because of improper teeth placement or even missing teeth. Dental implants are a method of dental surgery to improve looks and function. This form of dental surgery is often a swift and effortless procedure for the person undergoing it. This is a surgical procedure which can be undertaken only by a dentist who is trained to do so and is highly qualified in it.

What is the procedure of dental implants?

Artificial roots are made of titanium. These roots are implanted within the patient’s jaw. Once the roots are installed the dentist would then place the tooth on it. The procedure of implanting requires so much finesse that if it is done with prowess, no one would ever notice the false teeth from the real ones.

Who should consider dental implants?

All those people who have improper teeth set or have any of it missing. Taking the help of dentures or using artificial teeth would sound good in the beginning. But it would always appear to be fake. Only implants are helpful enough to build back your lost confidence.

Why get dental implants over dentures?
  • Implants are a stronger option as compared to artificial teeth. They are fixed on the base and are the most accurate measure as a tooth replacement.

  • The tooth which is implanted looks more natural than those artificial ones.

  • The problem with artificial dentures is that people notice that you have undergone some sort of dental surgery.

  • With implants no one would know or ever notice that you underwent any form of dental surgery. In fact even you will fail to spot out the implants amongst the real ones.

What things should be planned before a dental implant?
  • Since implant is equivalent to a surgery you need to be extra careful just like you would be in any other form of surgery. Here are some tips for it:

  • Use a dentist who has been trained for this form of surgery.

  • He needs to be a specialist since there is involvement of nerves and bones.

  • Visit your ENT once prior to your dental implant. If you are suffering from any ear, nose or throat condition like sinusitis. Your ENT would suggest whether you can undergo a dental implant in this condition or not.

  • If there is a requirement of CT scan, do get it done on a priority basis.

Two Types of Dental Implants

The surgery needs drilling into the bone which can be done:

  • Either by the dentist with his own hand osteotomes

  • Or with the help of precision drills at a regulated speed

How much time does it take to heal from such surgery?

It depends on what form of surgery you have undergone. But usually it takes TWO to SIX months to heal as the bone fuses to the titanium implant.

Do dental implants face any kind of failure?

To date the success rate of dental implants is up to 95%. However all of this depends on the skill of the operator, the precision he or she has in the field of operating on the tooth bone and the patients habit to maintain oral hygiene.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Good Looks

Everybody knows the fact that the real features of any person depends on the jaw structure. With missing teeth the entire look of the person can change. Hence with implants a person gets the chance to correct his or her looks. Getting the desired looks is absolutely worth the cost you would be paying for the operation.

Enjoy Meals

When you have your complete set of teeth you will be able to enjoy all the delicacies. Now you do not have to miss the taste of all the food which you have been avoiding to due to missing teeth. You can chew your food without any trouble. In artificial dentures, you stand a risk of the teeth slipping or moving. With implants, your tooth would be fixed permanently and you would not have the worry of it moving.

Improved Speech

Another important feature of one’s personality is speech. The way a person talks defines his character to the people. It becomes difficult pronouncing words with missing teeth. With implants problems related to improper pronunciation could be eliminated.

Good Oral Health

With permanent teeth implanted it becomes easy for people to maintain good oral health. They can brush floss and rinse their mouth the way they want to.

Implants are Comfortable

When you have artificial dentures, you will feel like something foreign thing is lodged. But with implants you would feel like all your missing teeth have been replaced. In dentures you will sense the looseness in wearing them. But since implants are fixed to the root, you will not feel the uneasiness.

Builds Your Self-Confidence

Once you have all your missing teeth back, you will notice the change in your personality. The way you look and the way you talk to people will also undergo a tremendous change. The only thing which people would notice is your renewed confidence.

At Completion

The major plus point of implants is that people never notice that you have fixed artificial teeth. They appear just like your real ones. Hence you do not have to face any embarrassing questions related to your dental surgery. The entire process can be uncomfortable but you need to maintain your patience. Everything you bear under this process is worth it and would pay off for a life – time.